In a word: utilitarian. I present to you, the Sanrenmu 710. The only issues were a slightly uneven finish on the blade itself, and blade decentering over time(easily fixable). I’ve owned two other SRM knives. Sanrenmu has a catalog of existing designs they can pick from. For me, 8Cr13MoV is the baseline for modern steel, setting the bar for acceptability in every area, but impressing in none other than sharpenability. This is probably a cost-saving measure, but regardless the performance here is indisputably good – great, even. Bought an $8 air die grinder from Harbor freight for the hell of it and this happened. ^ That’s with the Ganzo I just reviewed, and the CRKT wood knife. 95 (5) grams on the thread and a major improvement Indeed, the handle would almost be too flat if a gentle, almost unnoticeable curve to the inside portion of the handle (the part your fingers cross over) didn’t lend some dimensionality to the knife. The 710’s angular drop point is also excellent, a gloriously task-neutral, light-to-medium duty blade. It’s safe, sharp, works and has an OK markup. The Sanrenmu 710/7010 series has to be one of the most popular knives in the world. You buy a $400.00 sebenza it is far superior to the $25.00 clone. It is worth every single penny that I paid for it and I paid even more. Feel The 710 feels great in the hand. I hate the fact that they “rip off” other manufactures but I also realize that many people can’t afford, or refuse to pay, $100++++ for a knife so Sanrenmu is the perfect option for those who want the beauty of the high end knives with cheaper materials. The 710’s blade offers very good, and very consistent, performance in all the standard EDC tasks. Even so, the 710 was a step up. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 1.Tennis balls for all surfaces, one size, Resistant balls 2.Optimum durability and performance,Use both for training and play 3.Durable, hard core, shell made of high-quality felt 4.With resealable can for tidier storing and longer durability 5.Contents: muenfly Tennis Balls, Amount: Can with 3 Balls, Colour: Yellow 30 Your email address will not be published. Sanrenmu Rock Solid 710 Folding Blade Knife (Age Restricted Purchase) with Free Postage and Packaging from a UK Based Supplier Knives, Accessories and much more. the 710 becomes painful. Thanks for the comment, I’m glad you enjoyed the article. SRM has now a new version of 710 which calls for 7010. Please consider that purchasing anything through any of the links on this website helps support, and keeps the site going. The size of the 710 is just about right for an EDC knife. 3 new & refurbished from $15.95. I still prefer better steels, don’t get me wrong: I just think that we tend to hyperventilate when it comes to comparisons that, in 90% of the situations we find ourselves using blades in, don’t matter. Sharp and pointy stuff! Probably the best deal for a Sanrenmu 7010LUC-SD Stainless Steel Folding Knife w/ clip USD 10.63 as of 9/20/2020 - Free shipping worldwide on all orders. FAST 'N FREE. $22.90 to $27.35. For comparison on folders, I also love Opinels, Buck Bantams, and Boker sodbusters; all are great, affordable knives. I view the knife much as I view the wristwatch, the illusion of “quality” in my mechanical timepieces out-competing the actual fact that the cheapest Quartz-movement is more accurate. This is also at best a three fingered grip and Adequate, a known quantity, and endearingly mediocre: what else is there to say? As is the case with a lot of SRM knives (Drifter included), the 710’s clip cannot be repositioned: tip-down, right-hand carry is all you get here. I love seeing reviews of knives like this. Sanrenmu has always been seen as a bit of a gamble fit and finish-wise, but that’s never been my experience. Clean and simple, just like I like it. It has, however, struck me as an excellent little knife. I like it much better than the wide, too-tight clip on the Drifter. A quick check on 3/8" hemp, the SRM 710 makes the cuts with The smoothness of the clip is also a big plus to me as it doesn’t tear up my hand when reaching past it into the depths of my pocket where I carry. the ZB 786 was used much more extensively. Photo: Doug Mahoney. The faster this obsession with framelocks ends, the happier I’ll be. The SRM 710 is referred to on the internets I like the liner lock on the G-10 Drifter better, but this’ll do. 20 passes per side on CrO loaded leather shows The lack of options is definitely a bummer, particularly considering how easily this knife could be drilled for all four positions, but the clip itself is good: slim, strong, effective. Beside some changes in the handles look, it is still the same great knife. (23) 23 product ratings - Sanrenmu SRM 710 Knife Outdoor Camping Hunting EDC Folding Pocket Knife NEW. $16.99. Review Sanrenmu 710 / 710LUC-SA Introduction Although quality Chinese companies take several years on the market, until today I think it may be true the following statement: if Enlan has as a icon its model EL01 and Ganzo the G704 , the icon of Sanrenmu is the 710 (with permission of the 763 model, it also became an icon of the brand over time). Sanrenmu helped to establish the budget knife archetype, and here we have as distilled a representation of that archetype as possible. The general lines of the handle also help. IMHO, the SRM’s 7056 is even better than this one (I think the SRM’s best one!). The locking system “liner lock” (i wish the “axis lock” of its small sisters because Sanrenmu implements it extraordinarily well) works well, the “liner” blocks the blade just at the point it must be, it’s very thin but the “liner” does not have a great curvature and does not have a thinner part like other thicker "liners". The knife now shaves well on both sides, push cuts newsprint, etc. The weight, at 3.25 oz., is not inspiring, but with an all stainless steel construction you go in expecting to be disappointed in this regard. Now I wish I had abused it more as it’s pretty much toast without a blade lock to keep it safe and it had a lot of life left in it. Jun 10, 2014 -,87336.0.html This knife has a fantastic vibe. But the Sanrenmu 710 has a number of drawbacks. If you are seeking for affordable butcher knives with the best quality, we have great collections of designs for you. But it is not a colt. The 710 is the most honest knife I know of. Thank for the kind words. get When not contributing to BladeReviews, he is the editor of reporting on the latest news on new and popular knives, production knife companies, custom knife makers, and things happening in the cutlery industry. They are a Chinese manufacturer that is known for high quality and affordable knives that rival those costing much much more in features and finish. album at PhotoBucket. Not only does it sell its knives at very low prices (a lot of times even lower than the budget knives it makes for other companies), but there are also features and designs in their catalogue that are taken directly from other knife companies, without their consent: most famously the Benchmade Axis Lock and the knife I’m reviewing today, the Sanrenmu 710, a knife that is commonly described (and decried) as a rip-off/knock-off/copy of the Chris Reeve Knives Sebenza. As a result, I have been tempted to buy some of the more interesting SRMs and Ganzos just to keep my curiosity satisfied. (1) lbs on a push, 14 (1) lbs on a 2" draw. Using enough force to make a point in 10-20 up to 16 (1) lbs push cutting the hemp and 12 (1) lbs on a 2" slice. After reading the review I checked my knife inventory list and saw that I had 6 Sanrenmu’s. Out of the box it was completely adequate, besides a sloppy (but not catastrophically sloppy) edge bevel. For all my grumpiness, however, the 710’s framelock is good. $14.99 $ 14. Vibe. As an OEM for various knife companies, Sanrenmu is responsible for a lot of excellent, affordable budget knives: models like the CRKT Drifter helped establish just how much we can expect from a cheap knife, setting the standards for things like the steel choice, fit and finish levels, and utility on budget folders. I’ve been carrying mine for several weeks now and just love it more and more. The next, purchased maybe a year later, was a 605. Sanrenmu 9001 Assisted Flipper Combat Knife 3 Inch Tanto Folding Knife Plain Outdoor Hunting Knife . I do think higher-end knives offer more tangible benefits than higher-end watches, but there is certainly a diminishing return the more you spend, and you do get most of the important knife stuff for circa $15 with the 710. Sanrenmu helped to establish the budget knife archetype, and here we have as distilled a representation of that archetype as possible. There’s something very charming about this little knife. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 25. I just don’t like framelocks. The 710 echoes the Small Sebenza’s lines, but a comparison of the two knives will show that the overall designs are different: the 710 is smaller, with a different blade shape and grind. I know it's nothing compared to you badass knife pimpers, but … Learn how your comment data is processed. In fact, out of the last few knives that I’ve reviewed, the 710 has done the best with cardboard cutting, the efficient, low-drag hollow grind making up for an edge that dulls fairly quickly. Sorry guys, I was thinking about Ganzo Knives when I posted the above. I have 6 Sanrenmu knives with 2 more on the way. Until I got my hands on a Vanguard Gemini, this was the early frontrunner for Highest Fidget Factor 2016. Over the years I’ve bought about ten of the things and given them to friends in need of a good pocket knife. Manbug, Dragonfly 2, Sanrenmu 7010. Honestly, the SRM710 might be the best knife I’ve ever bought. The most : The edge is 0.018" thick and 0.033" wide Thanks for the comment. I just recently ordered this knife called the SanRenMu 710 also known as the "poor man's Sebenza". Every SRM knife I've handled has been great. It was later reground to an optimal cutting profile by putting a true-zero I have bought a dozen or more 710s from Gearbest, usually pay less than $5 each on flash sales!!!!! One of the biggest sanrenmu knives. Spyderco being the only one who uses their own designs 100% of the time. Additionally, speaking as somebody who has always wanted but never owned a Small Sebenza, I can say that the 710 has never struck me as a substitute or cheaper replacement for one. . The 710 is very affordable, even in the context of the budget knife category, and it’s stiff competition for affordable favorites like the Drifter. While it takes some design cues from the Sebenza (of which I’ve owned 2), I’d rather call it an homage than a rip-off. Best EDC Knives Sanrenmu makes knives for CRKT, Boker, Kershaw, Benchmade (used to), Schrade, Spyderco, and various others. Even if you’re not into budget knives you have probably heard of it. Even if the 710 isn’t to your tastes, something in SRM’s multitudinous catalog will be. Anyways, so many knives, so few brain cells left…. But it’s hard to find really serious reviews of these knives. Sanrenmu NEW 7010 8CR14Mov Steel Handle Outdoor Camping Hunting. I think you might be surprised at how much you end up carrying the 710. Sanrenmu 9001 Folding Knife 12C27 Stainless Steel. Sanrenmu 7106 Multifunctional Tools Folding Screwdriver Bottle Opener Rope Cutter Outdoor Camping Hunting EDC Tools|Shopping UK the skin with full force. The 710 is very affordable, even in the context of the budget knife category, and it’s stiff competition for affordable favorites like the Drifter. That being said, I tend to carry other blades most of the time. 236k members in the knives community. muenfly Tennis Balls, Extra Duty Tennis Balls Pack 3 balls . Thanks to the stainless steel scales, stowing and retrieval is effortless. Colt firearms don’t blow a head gasket when someone makes a 45 like there gun. I wonder if people get worked up over the Sebenza look of the 710 because SRM does do some more overt copying (see their ‘Axis Lock’ knives) elsewhere. This is … It’s just the right size to carry anywhere, and even a small enough to be a backup to … Buy the best and latest sanrenmu 710 on offer the quality sanrenmu 710 on sale with worldwide free shipping. Dang, my Sanrenmu 7010 (710) frame lock broke I know this close-up pic makes it look all jankitty but I did baby this lovely little knife. This is a very well done review; should be a model for others to follow. and I am yet to find one that beats the 710 for all these things at anywhere near the price-point. SRM9103 Sanrenmu SRM Land Frame Lock Pocket Knife: SRM7045MUC Sanrenmu Stainless Steel Folding Knife: SRM710 Sanrenmu Folding Knife 710: SRMC962 Sanrenmu SRM Land Knife Micarta Handle: SRM910PLUS Sanrenmu MINGREN 910 PLUS: SRM8103 Sanrenmu 810 Silver Frame Lock: SRMK919 SRM Knives Framelock Stainless: SRMK924 SRM Knives Framelock TC4 Titanium a major improvement in sharpness. Of course the newer Ganzo Firebird is also a sweetie, but they have been so popular lately that stocks are often sold out. Sanrenmu 1161 … Really good and thorough review of a high quality, low priced EDC pocketknife! The tip is acute, and dropped to just the right point, making it easy to ‘lead’ a cut and accurately follow through. As always, any and all support is greatly appreciated. The 710 is all stainless steel, never my preferred material for a handle, but good execution of substandard materials goes a long way with me, and on this 710 the handles are cleanly-cut and chamfered all around the edges inside and out, making them comfortable and solid-feeling in the hand. The part of me that wants everything to be connected thinks that maybe, with the middle of the market bottoming out, the communal fixation on low- and high-end knives that this bottoming-out entails, and the new levels of quality and popularity Chinese companies like Kizer and Reate have been attaining, SRM has decided to work on their image and the level of quality in their products. ANT SUPPLIES LTD Free postage and packaging, UK mainland. Sanrenmu 7010 710 Pocket Frame Lock Outdoor Hunting Folding Knife (7010LUY-SHF) 4.7 out of 5 stars 7. The 7010 from Sanrenmu (formerly available, exactly the same, as the Sanrenmu 710) is a budget knife with great performance attributes.For the quality, its price is phenomenal. Very Classic and Popular Sanrenmu knife Model 710 Blade:8Cr13MoV (57HRC) stainless steel for the blade Handle: Stainless Steel, Part dull polish, lanyard hole, money clip Blade's length: 70mm Generally 7-16 days arrive USA (provide tracking NO) An assortment of materials cut to check the edge for any major defects, from Only 18 left in stock - order soon. The huge reduction in Steel framelocks are stronger and more reliable than titanium ones (and much cheaper, of course), and, while I did eventually get bladeplay, it isn’t much and yes, can be tuned back out. Out of the box it was reliable and quick; after a drop of Nano Oil it became glass-smooth, rocket-fast: wonderful. You can also take a look at our extensive range of serrated' knife to find the perfect one to enrich your life. One of the biggest differences is that nothing is rounded, all the edges are squarish and fairly sharp, especially the clip. pinky. as a Sebenza Clone but it isn't really a clone aside from the The edge is sharp but obviously burred, it shaves on one side not on the other How does Sanrenmu do this? Sanrenmu 7010 710 Pocket Frame Lock Outdoor Hunting Folding Knife (7010LUY-SHF) 4.7 out of 5 stars 7. It keeps your thumb right where it needs to be to steer cuts, aided by the somewhat back-heavy balance: normally this isn’t something I like, but on a knife this small, with a blade ground so thin behind the edge, it feels right. I’ve never been surprised by 8Cr13MoV, but never really disappointed by it either. The performance was raised to The 710 deploys via good old fashioned thumb studs and a common budget knife washer setup: a thin phosphor bronze/Teflon washer combo on one side, a lone Teflon washer on the other. We may get paid an affiliate commission if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of the links on this web page. It is lightweight, sleek and very comfortable to hold. This post contains affiliate links. inch dowel, the cutting ability is very comparable. is starting to get uncomfortable. The 710 is a very, very good knife. The knife was now sharpener than it was originally. Utilitarian is a good word for the 710. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 2. The SRM 710 is a small folding back lock with Yet another reason I’d like to see these companies start to work on their reputation in the US: a better public image might result in more widespread (positive) attention and coverage. The legendary Sanrenmu 710. One of my big pet peeves is when a knife interferes with me reaching into my pocket, and sometimes even a small knife can have this problem if the clip is messed up. Your email address will not be published. Conspiracy theorizing aside, I find the 710’s fit and finish excellent. It used to have the model number of simply 710 but when Sanrenmu switched to a four digit naming convention it took on the number 7010 It fits well in almost every hand ever grown by human adults and children old enough to own a knife. This knife is wonderful for the money. continues to make a point in 5-10 slices no issues, the 710 would actually tear superficial appearance. I feel like any review of the 710 has to address this issue, however briefly. The last Sanrenmu knife, Prices unbelievably cheap. Thankfully that’s not the case here. As of today, June 4th 2016, this knife can be purchased on Amazon for $12.99. Thanks for bringing these reviews to us. In the same vein, the only company I am aware of that always give their fair dues is Spyderco (Reeve Integral Lock, Walker Liner Lock etc). 30 I found myself missing its simplicity once I put it away after the review. Sanrenmu NEW 7010 8CR14Mov Steel Handle Outdoor Camping Hunting. Only 17 left in stock - order soon. any case, from the superficial over view this one seems much the same : Comments can be emailed to cliffstamp[REMOVE] or by I own 6 Sanrenmu knives. Thank you very much. There aren’t any unnecessary grooves, besides the acceptable choil/lock access cutout. Great reviews here in your site. It’s every bit as good as people say, and it is probably the best knife you can buy for under ten dollars. I am still astounded at the quality level per dollars spent! Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. Well, maybe just one last note: I think that, in our spec-obsessed modern age, we forget that poor edge retention in any modern steel is steel pretty decent: I cut through a lot of cardboard with the 710, more than I could reasonably expect to deal with in a month of standard use, before I noticed any real performance issues. So thanks for doing this – I would love to see more reviews of interesting ultra budget knives. The jimping and balance provide grip during use, but when you’re deploying the knife or trying to manipulate the lock you may fumble with it a little bit. Polyrey extensive range consists of High pressure laminates, compact panels and MFB, combining impeccable style with product quality of a renowed manufacturer for … FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. I don’t own any SRM’s, but I’m at a point in my life where I have to prioritize other things over gadgets/knives/toys for a while. 140 (5) grams on espirit baisting thread. And here are our Rankings of The Best Affordable Sanrenmu 710 to buy at this time. Nick Shabazz 70,455 views Required fields are marked *. I guess I’m too Gucci for the 710. left to right : After the utility work, the knife just needed. significant and obvious problems, none were evident. Sanrenmu knows how to put together an affordable, useful blade: they’ve proven that with their OEM work for Spyderco, CRKT, and others, and proven it again with their own knives. I do think it’s worth discussing the fit and finish a little because, to be frank, Sanrenmu has a reputation for doing a slapdash job on their blades. Best Survival Knives Out of the box the blade centering was off, but a tightening of the pivot pin fixed this. Despite starting from fairly thick stock, the grind is very thin behind the edge, ensuring that the primary characteristic of a hollow grind – reduced friction and drag through material – is noticeable. I think the SRM 710, like the other SRMs I have handled, is a great way to scratch the knife purchasing itch without dropping a ton of a money. Bought several extras to give to friends since. Ganzo copies other knives, Sanrenmu not so much. Filed Under: EDC Knives, Folding Knives, Recommended High Value Knives Tagged With: 8Cr13MoV, framelock, Made in China. Some people are down on the clip for being non-movable and tip-down, and it’s not the prettiest clip in the world, but like you say it does the job damn well. An aggressive high hollow grind plays a key role here. Sanrenmu created a classic when they designed this knife. The 710 has a blade length of 2-11/16”, a handle length of 3-11/16”, an overall length of 6-9/16”, and is made in China. The proportion of straight edge to belly is perfect. Free shipping. I have to ask why do knife guys get so bent out of shape when a knife maker replicates another knife maker. I’ve used a lot of them over the years, and I’ve never used one that didn’t immediately exhibit or quickly develop bladeplay. posting to the following thread : Most of the pictures in the above are in the SRM 710 FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. If you"re surfing through cheap deals on sanrenmu knives UK, is the best place for you. Taking a Mora #1260 and the 710 to some one I like having a basic, reliable, well-made knife readily available in my car, desk, backpack, etc. The texturing on the handle is less successful. $14.99 $ 14. Most of my friends aren’t into knives, and the 710 is right up there with the Drifter as a blade I recommend they buy. (1) lbs on a push, 14 (1) lbs on a 2" draw, 0.95" thick blade, 8Cr13MoV blade steel (57-58HRC), Blade is 2.71�� long 0.1" thick and weighs 3.25oz, 20 passes per side on a 4" DMT coarse stone, 1000 passes on the other side with a 1k Sigma Power Select II. I recommend purchasing the Sanrenmu 710 at Amazon. This is the one area in which the handle material is an unequivocal win. The fact that the manufacturer is from China, doesn't necessarily/always mean the quality is … This is about half of full effort, the Mora The 710 is a very, very good knife. slices the handle on Sanrenmu knows how to put together an affordable, useful blade: they’ve proven that with their OEM work for Spyderco, CRKT, and others, and proven it again with their own knives. Ben Schwartz is a writer and gear geek. | Shopping USA I appreciate the way it breaks up the monotony of the steel handle, but it doesn’t help with the grip during deployment, which this knife could use. Tony has a serious review of a SRM on his site and you have a great review here. Best High Value Knives. Smooth retrieval/stowage and a slim overall profile make the 710 a great carry. sharp, especially the clip. Best Tactical Knives As you’d expect the 710 is made from 8Cr13MoV, default budget knife blade steel. Sanrenmu Knives: Call it a Sebenza knock-off, call it cheap Chinese, or just call it a decent knife for a very nice price – whatever you call it, the Sanrenmu 710 is a great little frame-lock folder that you’ll probably enjoy having in your collection. ^ And below, some bonus shots. The jimping on the spine of the blade is really good, the same squarish, ‘gear teeth’ jimping that you see on the CRKT Drifter. 28.9 All of that aside, this is hands-down, the best cheap pocket knife under $15. As a knifemaker on its own, however, Sanrenmu has attracted controversy. a thumbstud. The Sanrenmu 710/7010 series has to be one of the most popular knives in the world. Watch. They are actually a reknowned knife company from China (that makes quality knives). grind of 4.0 dps. Here are his barely-maintained Twitter and blog. We use Big Data and AI to Score the TOP 10 Sanrenmu 710 for March 2019. My first was a 763, purchased three years ago. You’re right, it’s hard to find reviews of SRM/Ganzo knives. Thanks for the comment. This took : This knife was just given a quick over view to see if it had an Very nice looking and convenient size and great feel in my hand. point no real difference between the two, at 20-30 slices the handle on the 710 14 juin 2014 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Daniel Meginness. Sanrenmu SRM 710 The SRM 710 is referred to on the internets as a Sebenza Clone but it isn't really a clone aside from the superficial appearance. The Sanrenmu 710 (bottom) and the CRKT Drifter have a similar size and shape. It is rumored that Sanrenmu, a Chinese company, was originally an OEM factory, just making knives to other companies' specifications that were then sold under these other companies' brands. The Chris Reeve Knives Large Sebenza 21 Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review - Duration: 20:54. 99. It has all the quality of Sanrenmu’s OEM knives and as the unofficial ‘flagship’ of their SRM-branded blades, I think it’s worth looking at a little closer. I recommen… Ant Hill > Tools > Folding Blade Knives > Gentlemans Knives > Sanrenmu 710. for an angle of 14.5 (5) degrees per side. differences is that nothing is rounded, all the edges are squarish and fairly But in I’ll definitely purchase the 710 but it’ll never be carried or used, just like 99.99% of the other knives I own. But I don’t loose sleep breaking or losing a $25.00 knife. in very heavy cuts there is no way to stop the end from digging into the The knives I tend to carry are overpriced, less practical and often worse at cutting, but such is jewlery. It isn’t really an issue, per se, because it can usually be tightened out again, but the fact is that framelocks are finicky in a way that a lockback or a liner lock just aren’t.

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